Unveiling the BlackSuit Group's Ransomware Attack on Multi-Fill

Incident Date:

April 9, 2024

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Unveiling the BlackSuit Group's Ransomware Attack on Multi-Fill




Black Suit


West Jordan, USA

Utah, USA

First Reported

April 9, 2024

Ransomware Attack on Multi-Fill by BlackSuit Group


A firm specializing in manufacturing and tallying machines for the food industry, Multi-Fill, found itself as another victim in the ransomware attacks conducted by the cybercriminal group BlackSuit in April 2024., Multi-Fill has been delivering top-notch machinery to bolster the food service sector for over three decades. The company, headquartered in West Jordan, Utah, employs between 11 to 50 individuals and reports revenue of $4.3 million.

Company Highlights

Distinguished for its efficient, dependable machinery capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of food products, Multi-Fill extends assistance with installation, provides on-site technicians, and offers warranty services for all their products, ensuring enduring customer satisfaction. The company emphasizes the speed, versatility, and ease of maintenance of its machinery, rendering them invaluable assets for food production lines.


Multi-Fill's prominence in the manufacturing sphere, particularly within the food industry, renders it susceptible to targeting by threat actors such as the BlackSuit ransomware group. The sensitive data they manage, coupled with their reliance on technology, heightens vulnerability to cyber attacks. The company's dedication to customer support and the pivotal role their machinery plays in food production renders them attractive targets for ransomware groups aiming to disrupt business activities.

Attack Update

The ransomware assault by the BlackSuit group culminated in the complete exposure of the stolen data, emphasizing the pervasive and enduring consequences of cyber threats in today's interconnected business landscape.


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