Our Mission: Defeat Ransomware

Modern defensive cyber solutions, while impressive, have failed in the face of cheap and easy-to-create – and most importantly lucrative – ransomware. High-profile breaches are disguising an ugly fact; the companies using next-generation NGAV and EPP solutions continue to be impacted by ransomware.

Halcyon has built the first anti-ransomware engine to tackle this problem. Our team has spent decades building name-brand security products and delivering security consulting to much of the Fortune 500.

Our Origin Story

Halcyon formed in 2021 by a team of cybersecurity industry veterans after battling the scourge of ransomware (and advanced threats) for years, at some of the largest global security vendors. Comprised of leaders from Cylance (now Blackberry), Accuvant (now Optiv), and ISS X-Force (now IBM), Halcyon is focused on building products and solutions for mid-market and enterprise customers. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and in Austin, TX we are unified by our globally distributed workforce and our mission.

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The Halcyon Platform

Halcyon is the industry’s first dedicated, adaptive security platform focused specifically on stopping ransomware attacks. Halcyon is built by offensive security experts to stop attackers. Our platform is a lightweight agent that combines multiple proprietary advanced prevention engines along with AI models trained solely on ransomware.

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