quantum attacks Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered

Incident Date:

July 19, 2022

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quantum attacks Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered


Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered




Washington, USA

Washington, USA

First Reported

July 19, 2022

Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered: A Long-Standing Player in the Construction Industry Targeted by Quantum Ransomware Group

Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered, a distinguished professional engineering and consulting firm, has been the latest target of the Quantum ransomware group. Established in 1973, this minority-owned business has built a legacy in the design and construction industry, known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering cost-effective solutions.

The firm operates across various sectors, including aviation, buildings and land development, highways and transportation, transit, and water and wastewater. It has contributed to some of the nation's most significant and complex projects, including the DC Water Clean Rivers project in Washington, DC, and the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, VA.

Delon Hampton & Associates boasts a seasoned leadership team, with Mamo Assefa, PE, serving as the Principal, President, and Chairman of the Board; Jo Fisher-Hall as the Vice President of Human Resources and Administration; James Gittens, PE, as the Vice President of Program and Construction Management Services; Pamela Holmes as the Chief Financial Officer; Loretta Morris as the Assistant Vice President of Contracts Administration; and J. Douglas Nauman, PE, as the Principal, Vice President, and Transit Practice Leader.

The Quantum ransomware group, notorious for its attacks on critical infrastructure, employs ransomware strains like Babuk and Hive to infiltrate vulnerable systems, encrypt and exfiltrate data, and then demand a ransom for data decryption. The breach of Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered, underscores the critical need for organizations to enhance their cybersecurity defenses and remain vigilant against evolving cyber threats.


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