Power Test, Inc. Targeted by LockBit3 Ransomware

Incident Date:

June 1, 2024

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Power Test, Inc. Targeted by LockBit3 Ransomware


Power Test, Inc.




Sussex, USA

Wisconsin, USA

First Reported

June 1, 2024

Ransomware Attack on Power Test, Inc. by LockBit3

Company Profile

Power Test, Inc. is a leading global supplier of advanced Dynamometer products and services, specializing in testing equipment for the automotive, diesel, and industrial markets. The company distinguishes itself through its high-quality, reliable, and efficient Dynamometers, offering a range of models and custom-built solutions to meet specific customer requirements. With a global presence and a revenue of $21 million, Power Test has secured a strong foothold in the industry.

Ransomware Attack Overview

The Lockbit3 ransomware group targeted Power Test, Inc.'s website, powertestdyno.com, resulting in the leakage of sensitive data including revenue figures, private information, and numerous files containing passports, bank statements, credit cards, blueprints, and personal details of clients and employees. This attack has exposed the company to significant risks and potential damages.

Ransomware Group Profile

LockBit3, also known as LockBit Black, is a highly sophisticated Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) group that has evolved from previous versions of LockBit. Renowned for its advanced encryption techniques and obfuscation methods, LockBit3 is considered one of the most dangerous ransomware threats currently active. The group targets a wide range of organizations globally, including major companies like Boeing and ICBC.

Attack Vulnerabilities

Power Test, Inc. may have been targeted by LockBit3 due to the sensitive nature of the data they handle, including proprietary designs, financial information, and personal details of clients and employees. The company's global presence and revenue size make it an attractive target for threat actors seeking to extort valuable information for financial gain. Moreover, the merger with Taylor Dynamometer in 2020 may have introduced new vulnerabilities that were exploited in the attack.


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