lorenz attacks Musco Sports Lighting

Incident Date:

April 14, 2022

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lorenz attacks Musco Sports Lighting


Musco Sports Lighting




Clackamas, USA

Oregon, USA

First Reported

April 14, 2022

Musco Sports Lighting Targeted by Lorenz Ransomware Group

Musco Sports Lighting, a prominent provider of sports and transportation/infrastructure lighting, has recently fallen victim to the Lorenz ransomware group. This incident was disclosed on their dark web leak site. Operating within the Manufacturing sector, Musco Sports Lighting is renowned for its comprehensive system approach to lighting solutions, offering a seamless, trouble-free experience for facility owners.

Company Background

With over four decades of operational history, Musco Sports Lighting stands out for its durability and performance in the lighting industry. The company's LED sports lighting systems are engineered to deliver precise illumination, focusing on the play area rather than spilling light into the surrounding community. Additionally, Musco's innovative mini-pitch system — comprising lighting, fencing, and goals — repurposes small or unused spaces into vibrant areas for youth soccer and various sports activities.

Musco's dedication to controlled lighting solutions is evident through its Control-Link® system, which offers remote on/off controls and round-the-clock system monitoring, providing facility owners with a sense of security. The company's Total Light Control – TLC for LED™ technology further enhances field visibility for both players and spectators, underscoring Musco's commitment to quality and innovation.

Implications of the Lorenz Ransomware Attack

The cyberattack on Musco Sports Lighting by the Lorenz ransomware group marks a critical point in the cybersecurity domain, underscoring the imperative for stringent security protocols to thwart such threats. While specific details regarding the vulnerabilities exploited and the overall impact of the breach remain undisclosed, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the cybersecurity risks facing the manufacturing sector.

For additional information on Musco Sports Lighting and their offerings, please visit their official website.


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