lockbit3 attacks Wabtec Corporation

Incident Date:

August 18, 2022

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lockbit3 attacks Wabtec Corporation


Wabtec Corporation




Pune, India

Maharashtra, India

First Reported

August 18, 2022

Wabtec Corporation Suffers Ransomware Attack by Lockbit3

Wabtec Corporation, a prominent global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services in the transportation sector, has fallen victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the Lockbit3 group. This incident was disclosed on the group's dark web leak site, underscoring the persistent cybersecurity threats facing the transportation industry.

With operations spanning freight rail, transit, mining, industrial, and marine sectors, Wabtec Corporation is celebrated for its pioneering technologies and commitment to innovation, safety, efficiency, and productivity. The company boasts over 150 years of industry leadership and is at the forefront of driving sustainable transportation solutions worldwide.

Among its notable sustainability initiatives, Wabtec has introduced the FLXdrive™ Battery Electric Locomotive, achieving up to a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. Additionally, the company's ShoreCONNECT technology offers a sustainable alternative for powering vessels at port, significantly cutting down on diesel usage and associated emissions.

Despite these advancements, the recent ransomware attack on Wabtec Corporation underscores the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity defenses within the transportation sector. While specific vulnerabilities have not been disclosed, the incident highlights the sector's ongoing battle with cyber threats and the imperative of robust cybersecurity protocols to safeguard against such risks.


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