lockbit3 attacks Cultivar

Incident Date:

September 14, 2022

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lockbit3 attacks Cultivar






Barcelona, Spain

Catalonia, Spain

First Reported

September 14, 2022

Cultivar, a Global Leader in Fruit and Vegetable Importation and Exportation, Suffers Ransomware Attack by Lockbit3

Company Overview

Cultivar's history dates back to 1974 when it started as a small fruit shop in Barcelona. Today, the company has expanded globally and is recognized as one of the principal players in the sector of fruit and vegetable importation. Cultivar's commitment is to provide innovative logistical solutions and strict quality control, offering a wide range of fresh and high-quality produce.

Notable Brands and Services

Cultivar's brands, Cozumel and Exótica Premium, have been market leaders for over 25 years. The company's services include logistics, quality control, and a diverse selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

The ransomware attack on Cultivar highlights the vulnerabilities of companies in the Transportation sector to cyber threats. Lockbit3, known for its global attacks causing personal data breaches, targeted Cultivar, likely exploiting weaknesses in the company's cybersecurity defenses.

Impact and Response

The attack on Cultivar is part of a larger trend of ransomware groups targeting organizations worldwide, causing personal data breaches and disrupting operations. The "No More Ransom" initiative, a collaboration between law enforcement and IT security companies, aims to help victims retrieve their encrypted data without paying the ransom.

Cultivar has not released a public statement regarding the attack or its response. The company's website remains operational, but the attack may have caused disruptions to their logistical and quality control services.


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