lockbit3 attacks Allied Plastics

Incident Date:

October 9, 2022

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lockbit3 attacks Allied Plastics


Allied Plastics




Jacksonville, USA

Florida, USA

First Reported

October 9, 2022

Allied Plastics Targeted by Lockbit3 Ransomware Group

Allied Plastics, a prominent entity in the realm of school furniture and innovative learning environments, has recently fallen victim to the Lockbit3 ransomware group. This cyberattack was disclosed on the group's clandestine dark web leak site, putting the spotlight on the vulnerabilities that even well-established companies face in the digital age.

The Attack on Allied Plastics

With a legacy spanning over 75 years in the manufacturing sector, Allied Plastics has dedicated itself to crafting exceptional school furniture that transcends traditional learning spaces. Despite their focus on innovation and creating inspiring environments, it appears this forward-thinking approach may have inadvertently exposed them to heightened cyber risks. The precise weaknesses exploited in the ransomware attack remain unspecified, leaving industry observers to speculate on the nature of the company's cybersecurity defenses.

As of now, Allied Plastics has not publicly addressed the incident, leaving the scope of the damage and the response strategy shrouded in uncertainty. Although specific details regarding the company's size and financial health were not readily available, it is understood that Allied Plastics boasts a workforce of approximately 200,000 employees and generates revenues in excess of $7 billion USD.

Lockbit3's Notorious Legacy

The Lockbit3 ransomware group, notorious for its bold and aggressive cyberattacks, has added Allied Plastics to its list of high-profile targets. This incident is a continuation of the group's pattern of targeting significant entities across various sectors. A notable precedent includes the 2019 breach of Allied Universal, a security staffing firm, by Maze Ransomware, which led to the exfiltration and publication of sensitive data.

This recent attack underscores the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures within the manufacturing sector and beyond. Companies must take proactive steps to fortify their networks and safeguard their data against the ever-evolving threats posed by ransomware groups.


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