lockbit2 attacks remar construction

Incident Date:

April 29, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks remar construction


remar construction




San Diego, USA

California, USA

First Reported

April 29, 2022

Ransomware Attack on Remar Construction

Company Overview

Remar Construction is a company that operates in the construction sector. The size of the company and its specific focus within the industry are not provided in the search results.

Unique Aspects

No unique aspects or standout features of Remar Construction were found in the search results.


The vulnerabilities that led to Remar Construction being targeted by Lockbit2 are not specified in the search results. However, it is mentioned that Lockbit2 has been active in targeting various organizations worldwide, causing personal data breaches in many of them.


FusionTek, a company that provides emergency incident response services, has a page dedicated to helping businesses affected by ransomware attacks. This suggests that Remar Construction may have sought assistance from FusionTek or a similar service to mitigate the impact of the attack.


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