lockbit2 attacks procab

Incident Date:

April 19, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks procab






Marieholmsgatan, Sweden

Galeborg, Sweden

First Reported

April 19, 2022

Procab AB: A Manufacturing Company Targeted by Lockbit2 Ransomware

Overview of the Attack

Procab AB, a Swedish manufacturing firm, recently fell victim to the Lockbit2 ransomware group. This incident underscores the vulnerability of companies in the manufacturing sector to cyber-attacks, which can lead to significant operational disruptions and financial losses. The company's public-facing website lists key personnel, including CEO Johan Lindberg and Christofer Hedlund, head of sales, potentially providing attackers with valuable information for spear-phishing campaigns or other targeted attacks.

The Significance of the Target

Despite its relatively small size, Procab AB's experience highlights a broader trend: manufacturing companies are increasingly attractive targets for ransomware groups. The sector's reliance on continuous production processes makes it particularly susceptible to the kind of operational disruptions ransomware can cause. For attackers, even smaller firms like Procab AB represent worthwhile targets due to the potential for significant impact.

Lockbit2 Ransomware Group's Tactics

The Lockbit2 group, responsible for the attack on Procab AB, has been notably active in 2023. Their strategy often involves exploiting known vulnerabilities in commonly used software, such as MOVEit Transfer in this case, to gain unauthorized access to their targets' systems. Once inside, they deploy ransomware to encrypt files, demanding payment for decryption keys. This method has proven effective for them, as evidenced by the increased number of their ransomware announcements this year.

Implications for Cybersecurity Measures

The attack on Procab AB serves as a critical reminder of the importance of cybersecurity vigilance. Companies, especially those in high-risk sectors like manufacturing, must adopt comprehensive security measures. This includes maintaining up-to-date software, implementing strong security protocols, and ensuring that employees are educated about the risks of ransomware and other cyber threats. Such proactive measures are essential for mitigating the risk of future attacks.


  • "Lockbit 2.0: The Evolution of a Ransomware" - Available at Trend Micro
  • "MOVEit Transfer: Secure File Transfer Software" - Official site available at Ipswitch
  • "The State of Ransomware in the Manufacturing Sector" - Available at MSSP Alert

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