lockbit2 attacks IDM(s.r.l)

Incident Date:

February 12, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks IDM(s.r.l)






Via Feltrina, Italy

Mobtebelluna, Italy

First Reported

February 12, 2022

IDM S.r.l. Suffers Ransomware Attack by Lockbit2

IDM S.r.l., an Italian company specializing in electronic systems, has been targeted by the ransomware group Lockbit2. The attack was announced on the group's dark web leak site, and the victim's website is IDM S.r.l. operates in the Manufacturing sector and has been in business since 1978. The company is known for its expertise in high-tech sectors, including robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), hybrid vehicles, telecommunications, medical equipment, and security systems.

IDM S.r.l. has a diverse product range, including electronic switches, programmable central units, high-tension coils, voltage regulators, magnetic motors, and more. The company's commitment to innovation has led it to incorporate Multi Chip Module (MCM) technology into its products, which uses semiconductors and reduces product size while increasing reliability.

The company's website does not provide information on the size of the organization or its specific vulnerabilities that led to the ransomware attack. However, it is known that ransomware attacks often exploit outdated software, unpatched systems, and weak passwords. In the case of IDM S.r.l., it is essential to investigate whether these vulnerabilities were present in their systems.

Ransomware attacks can cause significant disruption to businesses, leading to financial losses, operational downtime, and damage to reputation. In the case of IDM S.r.l., the attack could potentially impact their ability to deliver products and services, affecting their clients and partners.

As the investigation into the attack continues, it is crucial for IDM S.r.l. to take immediate steps to mitigate the damage and prevent further data loss. This may include isolating affected systems, restoring data from backups, and implementing additional security measures to prevent future attacks.


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