lockbit2 attacks giovanard

Incident Date:

February 26, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks giovanard






ozanam, Italy

concorezzo, Italy

First Reported

February 26, 2022

Giovanardi S.p.A. Targeted by Lockbit2 Ransomware Group

Company Overview

Giovanardi S.p.A., a prominent entity in the design and construction of commercial spaces, has established itself as a leader in the prototyping and realization of commercial spaces, exhibitors, and retail systems for point-of-sale areas. With a history spanning over a century, the company is celebrated for its innovative approaches, diligent research, and unwavering passion. Their portfolio encompasses the design and construction of retail spaces, exhibitors, vending machines, and art installations.

Industry and Size

Operating within the manufacturing sector, Giovanardi S.p.A. has become a notable target for ransomware attacks, a common threat in this industry. While specific details regarding the company's size are not disclosed, its significant influence in the Italian market is well recognized.


The precise vulnerabilities exploited in the attack on Giovanardi S.p.A. remain unspecified. Nonetheless, ransomware attacks frequently leverage weaknesses such as outdated software, unpatched systems, or phishing emails to infiltrate networks. It is crucial for organizations to ensure software is up-to-date, systems are regularly patched, and employees are educated on the dangers of phishing scams to reduce the likelihood of such breaches.

Mitigation Strategies

To diminish the threat of ransomware attacks, it is advisable for companies to adopt a holistic cybersecurity strategy. This strategy should encompass regular vulnerability assessments, offline data backups, and prompt software updates. Should an attack occur, affected entities are encouraged to report the incident to federal law enforcement and seek assistance and guidance from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).


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