lockbit2 attacks FEHRS Metal Building

Incident Date:

February 25, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks FEHRS Metal Building


FEHRS Metal Building




Seminole, USA

Texas, USA

First Reported

February 25, 2022

FEHRS Metal Building Contractors LP Suffers Ransomware Attack

FEHRS Metal Building Contractors LP, a company specializing in metal building construction, has reported a ransomware attack on their systems. The attack was claimed by the ransomware group Lockbit2 on their dark web leak site. FEHRS operates in the construction sector and is known for its experienced staff, advanced technology, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The company's website provides information about their services, which include in-house design, civil construction, industrial and manufacturing facilities, retail shopping centers, and more. FEHRS employs a team of project managers and superintendents with years of experience in the construction industry, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

The Increasing Threat of Cyber Attacks in the Industrial Sector

The ransomware attack on FEHRS highlights the increasing threat of cyber attacks in the industrial sector. According to a Claroty study, 75% of respondents in the industrial sector reported being targeted by ransomware in the past year, with 69% of those who paid the ransom suffering financial ramifications of $100,000 USD or more. The study also found that 21% of ransomware attacks impact IT only, while 37% impact both IT and OT, indicating the expanding attack surface area and risk of operational disruption that comes with IT/OT convergence.

FEHRS, like many other companies, is likely to face challenges in bolstering their risk assessment, vulnerability management, and network segmentation practices to be highly proactive in their defense of cyber-physical systems. The company will need to prioritize these initiatives to mitigate the risks associated with ransomware attacks and protect their operations and customer data.

The ransomware attack on FEHRS Metal Building Contractors LP underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in the construction sector and the need for companies to stay vigilant against evolving threats.


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