kelvinsecurity attacks caribetours

Incident Date:

April 1, 2022

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kelvinsecurity attacks caribetours






Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

First Reported

April 1, 2022

Kelvinsecurity Claims Ransomware Attack on Caribbean Tours

Company Information

Caribbean Tours, a prominent transportation company in the Dominican Republic, offers a comprehensive suite of services. These include inter-urban, urban, and international transportation, alongside package and document delivery solutions.


The precise vulnerabilities exploited in the ransomware attack on Caribbean Tours remain unspecified. Nonetheless, it is widely recognized that ransomware groups often target entities through unpatched software vulnerabilities, inadequate password policies, or through exploiting unsecured remote access configurations.


Ransomware attacks are notorious for their disruptive potential, primarily through the encryption of critical data and the subsequent demands for ransom in exchange for decryption keys. The attack on Caribbean Tours likely disrupted their operational capabilities, posing a risk of data loss or service unavailability, thereby impacting their customer service provisions.


To effectively mitigate the risks associated with ransomware attacks, organizations are advised to maintain up-to-date software, enforce robust password policies, and restrict remote access to essential personnel only. Implementing regular data backup strategies is also crucial, as it enables the restoration of affected data, minimizing the attack's impact.


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