hiveleak attacks Powell Transportation

Incident Date:

January 25, 2022

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hiveleak attacks Powell Transportation


Powell Transportation




Columbia, USA

Massachusatts, USA

First Reported

January 25, 2022

Powell Transportation Suffers Ransomware Attack

Powell Transportation, a trucking company with over 70 trucks and terminals in Columbia and Flowood, Mississippi, has been targeted by the ransomware group HiveLeak. The company, which has been in operation for over 25 years, specializes in flatbed transportation and services the entire continental United States, with a focus on the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest.

The attack on Powell Transportation is part of a broader trend of ransomware attacks on various sectors, including healthcare and transportation. Ransomware attacks have increased significantly in recent years, with the healthcare sector being a particularly vulnerable target. The impact of these attacks can be severe, leading to billing delays, security concerns, and disruptions in patient care.

The specific vulnerabilities that made Powell Transportation a target are not detailed in the available information. However, it is known that ransomware attacks often exploit weaknesses in Active Directory, a common target in transportation attacks. The attack on Powell Transportation may have involved the encryption of data, potentially leading to disruptions in operations and the need for recovery efforts.

As the investigation into the attack continues, it is crucial for Powell Transportation to prioritize restoring their systems and ensuring the security of their data. This may involve implementing additional security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and network segmentation, to prevent future attacks.

The ransomware group HiveLeak has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it is unclear whether the company has paid or negotiated a ransom. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by ransomware attacks and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect against such threats.


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