hiveleak attacks Pollmann

Incident Date:

March 25, 2022

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hiveleak attacks Pollmann






Carlyle, USA

Illinois, USA

First Reported

March 25, 2022

Pollmann Electric Inc. Suffers Ransomware Attack

Pollmann Electric Inc., a company operating in the construction sector, has been targeted by the ransomware group Hiveleak. The attack was claimed on the group's dark web leak site. The company's size and industry-specific vulnerabilities are not explicitly mentioned in search results, but some general information about the company can be gleaned from their website and other sources.

Company Overview

Pollmann Electric Inc. is based in Carlyle, IL, and its website is hosted on Procore, a construction management software platform. The company's LinkedIn page highlights its achievements, including assisting 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in achieving their emissions reduction goals and aiming to save 800 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2025.

Vulnerabilities and Mitigation

Ransomware attacks can exploit various vulnerabilities, such as outdated software, weak passwords, or unpatched systems. To mitigate these risks, companies should implement robust cybersecurity measures, including regular software updates, strong password policies, and employee training on cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, companies can consider implementing network segmentation, firewalls, and security controls to restrict traffic flow and prevent lateral movement or data exfiltration.

The ransomware attack on Pollmann Electric Inc. serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by cybercriminals to businesses across various sectors. Companies must remain vigilant and implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect their systems and data from potential attacks.


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