DarkVault Ransomware Targets Cosim TI SRL, Threatens Data Leak

Incident Date:

June 17, 2024

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DarkVault Ransomware Targets Cosim TI SRL, Threatens Data Leak


Cosim TI SRL




Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

, Bolivia

First Reported

June 17, 2024

Analysis of the DarkVault Ransomware Attack on Cosim TI SRL

Company Profile: Cosim TI SRL

Cosim TI SRL, a Bolivian entity established in 1999, specializes in industrial automation, process control, and IT services, particularly focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and safety in manufacturing sectors. The company's expertise in integrating advanced technological solutions makes it a notable player in the industry. However, its significant reliance on digital technologies also exposes it to cyber threats, including ransomware attacks.

Attack Overview

Recently, Cosim TI SRL fell victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the DarkVault group. The attackers have threatened to release sensitive company data within a week unless their demands are met. This puts not only the company's operational secrets at risk but also client data and proprietary technologies.

Ransomware Group: DarkVault

DarkVault, mirroring the operational tactics of the infamous LockBit ransomware group, has made a name for itself with a similar dark web leak site and the use of LockBit Black ransomware. The group's strategy includes targeting companies with substantial digital footprints, which likely led to the breach at Cosim TI SRL. Their method of operation suggests a sophisticated understanding of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, enabling them to exploit weaknesses in IT infrastructure.

Potential Breach Points

While specific details of the breach have not been disclosed, common entry points for such attacks include phishing, exploitation of unpatched systems, or compromised credentials. Cosim TI SRL's extensive integration of IT and automation systems might have provided multiple vectors for the attackers to exploit, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures in technologically advanced environments.


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