cuba attacks trant-co-uk

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March 30, 2022

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cuba attacks trant-co-uk






Totton, United Kingdom

Southampton, United Kingdom

First Reported

March 30, 2022

Trant Engineering Limited Targeted by Cuba Ransomware Group

Company Overview

Trant Engineering Limited, a prominent UK-based Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) company, provides a comprehensive range of in-house services. These include process, MEICA and civil design, Offsite Manufacture & Assembly, instrumentation control and automation products, and commissioning services. The company is renowned for its strong commitment to safety, evidenced by numerous awards such as the Order of Distinction (32 Consecutive Golds) Award for Occupational Health & Safety and the Behavioural Safety Best Practice Awards Achievement.

Company Size and Vulnerabilities

As a significant entity in the UK construction industry, Trant Engineering Limited offers a wide array of services and is recognized for its safety standards. Despite this, the company, like many others in the sector, faces potential vulnerabilities to ransomware attacks due to its dependence on digital systems and third-party IT infrastructure. The UK government has highlighted the construction sector's high risk of experiencing catastrophic ransomware attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI).

Ransomware Threat Landscape

The frequency of ransomware attacks on UK public services is increasing, with the NHS being notably susceptible owing to its use of legacy infrastructure and outdated IT systems. The UK government's underinvestment in cybersecurity and lack of prioritization of ransomware as a policy issue have been subjects of criticism. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has pinpointed Russia, North Korea, and Iran as significant sources of ransomware threats targeting the UK.

Mitigating Ransomware Risks

To counter the risks posed by ransomware attacks, it is imperative for companies to implement strong cybersecurity measures, ensure regular updates to their systems and hardware, and treat cybersecurity as a strategic concern. The UK government has allocated £2.6 billion towards its cybersecurity strategy and introduced the first government-backed minimum standards for cybersecurity, aiming to bolster the nation's defenses against such threats.

Trant Engineering Limited's recent targeting by the Cuba ransomware group underscores the vulnerability of significant players in the construction sector to cyberattacks, driven by their reliance on digital systems and third-party IT infrastructure. The UK government's warnings about the high risk of catastrophic ransomware attacks on critical national infrastructure highlight the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures.


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