conti attacks Prima Power

Incident Date:

March 4, 2022

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conti attacks Prima Power


Prima Power




Collegno, Italy

Comune, Italy

First Reported

March 4, 2022

Prima Power Suffers Ransomware Attack

Prima Power, a company specializing in high-performance machines and targeted automated solutions for sheet metal working, has been targeted by the ransomware group Conti. The attack was confirmed through a leak on the group's dark web site, which also revealed that the victim operates in the manufacturing sector.

Company Overview

Prima Power is a single-member company based in Italy, with a share capital of €26.208.185 and a VAT number of 03736080015. The company is known for its customer-focused approach and unique ability to integrate its solutions into better production flows.

Industry Standout

Prima Power's standout feature is its focus on sheet metal working, a critical process in the manufacturing sector. The company's dynamic solutions aim to level up production processes, driving growth and competitive success in the industry.


The ransomware attack on Prima Power highlights the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the manufacturing sector. While the specific vulnerabilities exploited by the attackers are not mentioned in the available information, the attack underscores the importance of patching software vulnerabilities and maintaining up-to-date security measures.

The ransomware attack on Prima Power serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by cybercriminals to businesses across industries. As the manufacturing sector continues to digitize and integrate technology into its operations, it is crucial for companies to prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect against such attacks.


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