College Park Industries Hit by dAn0n Ransomware Attack

Incident Date:

May 8, 2024

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College Park Industries Hit by dAn0n Ransomware Attack


College Park Industries




Warren, USA

Michigan, USA

First Reported

May 8, 2024

Ransomware Attack on College Park Industries

Victim Overview

College Park Industries, a renowned manufacturer specializing in prosthetic foot solutions for lower-limb amputees, based in Fraser, Michigan, fell victim to a cyberattack by the ransomware group dAn0n. The attacker, known as "dAn0n," managed to exfiltrate a significant amount of data totaling 4.97 terabytes from the company's systems.

Company Profile

College Park Industries, established in 1988, offers a full line of anatomically correct prosthetic foot systems, upper limb solutions, and endoskeletal products. The company stands out for its commitment to providing the most anatomically correct prosthetic feet on the market, with a focus on customization and precision in prosthetic design.

Company Size

With a significant presence and 1,500 customers globally, the company collaborates with an extensive network of independent orthotic and prosthetic facilities worldwide to serve diverse patient populations.


The ransomware attack on College Park Industries poses a serious threat to the company's operations and potentially compromises sensitive information about their prosthetics manufacturing processes. The company's focus on customization and precision in prosthetic design may have made them a target for threat actors seeking valuable data.

Ransomware Group dAn0n

dAn0n is a new ransomware gang that published the data of 8 victims on its leak site in April. The group did not make specific ransom demands but managed to exfiltrate a significant amount of data from College Park Industries, highlighting the sophistication of their attack methods.


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