Chambers Construction Co. Targeted in Ransomware Attack by Bianlian

Incident Date:

April 6, 2024

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Chambers Construction Co. Targeted in Ransomware Attack by Bianlian


Chambers Construction Co.




Eugene, USA

Oregon, USA

First Reported

April 6, 2024

Chambers Construction Co. Faces Ransomware Attack

About Chambers Construction Co.

Chambers Construction Co., a longstanding player in the construction sector, has fallen victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the group known as Bianlian. The incident came to light through the dark web leak site associated with the threat actors, who claimed responsibility for the breach. The company's website serves as a platform detailing their projects and services, emphasizing their commitment to constructing high-quality structures and nurturing relationships with clients and the community.

Company Background

Established in 1955, Chambers Construction Co. has been a fixture in Eugene/Springfield, the Willamette Valley, and across Oregon and the Northwest. Renowned for their integrity, responsiveness, and dedication to delivering exceptional buildings in collaboration with clients, the company stands out as a premier authorized builder in the region for Butler Manufacturing steel buildings. Their expertise showcases solutions that offer maximum design flexibility and overall project efficiency, ensuring clients receive excellent value.

Industry Challenges

The construction sector faces increasing susceptibility to ransomware attacks due to the intricate nature of project delivery. Factors such as tight timelines, lean construction methodologies, contractual obligations, and the reliance on just-in-time delivery of critical materials amplify the impact of operational disruptions.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

To counter ransomware attacks, companies must implement robust security measures. This includes deploying endpoint security, conducting network monitoring, and implementing data loss prevention (DLP) mechanisms. Employee education plays a pivotal role, focusing on recognizing and mitigating risks associated with phishing emails, maintaining secure and unique passwords, and identifying suspicious activities.

Recent Ransomware Attacks

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