Cactus Ransomware Attack on Dollmar S.p.A.

Incident Date:

June 2, 2024

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Cactus Ransomware Attack on Dollmar S.p.A.


Dollmar SPA




Caleppio, Italy

, Italy

First Reported

June 2, 2024

Ransomware Attack on Dollmar S.p.A.

Company Overview

Dollmar S.p.A. has established itself as a European leader in the distribution of industrial chemicals, offering high-quality products and services for over 70 years. The company excels in the production and distribution of chemical products for industrial use, catering to industries such as automotive, metalworking, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Company Standout

What sets Dollmar S.p.A. apart in the industry is its extensive range of industrial chemicals, including pure raw materials, chemical specialties, and solvents for surface treatment. They provide tailor-made formulations and maintain a strong focus on sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, mechanical industry, polyurethane processing, PVC processing, inks, paints, sealants, and adhesives.

Company Size

With a workforce of 51 employees, Dollmar S.p.A. has a significant presence in Italy, demonstrating its influence and reach in the region.

Company Vulnerabilities

Given that Dollmar S.p.A. deals with sensitive chemical products and industrial solutions, the company is a prime target for threat actors due to the valuable nature of their intellectual property and trade secrets. Moreover, their involvement in various industries makes them an attractive target for cybercriminals aiming to disrupt operations and extort ransom payments.

Attack Overview

The Cactus ransomware group recently targeted Dollmar S.p.A.'s website, leaking sensitive data belonging to the company. The compromised data includes confidential corporate information, technical files, internal communications, financial documents, employee personal files, and database backups. This breach poses significant risks to the company's trade secrets, financial security, and employee privacy.

Ransomware Group Profile

Operating as a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), the Cactus ransomware group is notorious for exploiting vulnerabilities and utilizing malvertising lures for their targeted attacks. They employ unique encryption techniques to avoid detection and have been observed targeting organizations across various industries.

How the Ransomware Group Penetrated

The penetration of Dollmar S.p.A.'s systems by the Cactus ransomware group likely occurred through vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure or by exploiting weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses. The group's use of custom scripts to disable security tools and distribute ransomware highlights their sophisticated understanding of cyber threats, enabling them to evade detection and execute successful attacks.


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