BlackSuit attacks Precision Pulley and Idler Company

Incident Date:

April 18, 2024

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BlackSuit attacks Precision Pulley and Idler Company


Precision Pulley and Idler Company


Black Suit


Pella, USA

Iowa, USA

First Reported

April 18, 2024

BlackSuit Ransomware Gang Targets Precision Pulley & Idler


The BlackSuit ransomware gang has attacked Precision Pulley & Idler, although no further information has been disclosed. Precision Pulley & Idler is the industry leader in conveying components, with over a million square feet of manufacturing space and 25 global facilities. It aims to provide quality products at a competitive price with unbeatable customer service. It services a diverse group of industries, including aggregate, mining, forestry, grain, unit handling, and food processing.


BlackSuit is a recently emerged ransomware group and strain that bears a striking resemblance to the Royal ransomware gang, the successor of the infamous Russian-linked Conti operation. Previous reports have been made on the Windows and Linux variants of Royal. Similar to Royal, BlackSuit is known for targeting both Windows and Linux systems. The YARA rules for the Linux variant of BlackSuit also match samples of the Royal Linux variant. It has been stated that Royal and BlackSuit share 98% similarity in function, 99.5% similarity in blocks, and 98.9% similarity in jumps based on the BinDiff comparison tool.

Technical Details

Although BlackSuit utilizes command line arguments that function similarly to those used by Royal, the strings employed in the arguments differ. Moreover, BlackSuit uses extra arguments that are not present in Royal ransomware. Regarding the 32-bit Windows variants of BlackSuit and Royal ransomware families, researchers noted 93.2% similarity in functions, 99.3% similarity in basic blocks, and 98.4% in jumps based on BinDiff. While BlackSuit and Royal Windows variants use different argument strings, the purposes of these arguments are similar. Both BlackSuit and Royal utilize OpenSSL's AES for encryption and leverage comparable intermittent encryption techniques for fast and efficient encryption of victim files.

Ransom Note

Once the files are encrypted on a victim machine, BlackSuit appends the .blacksuit extension to encrypted files and presents its ransom note. The ransom note contains the ransomware's TOR chat site and a unique ID for each affected victim. BlackSuit threat actors employ a leaks site and a double extortion model, demanding ransom for unlocking files and not leaking stolen information.

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