blackbasta attacks ragle inc.

Incident Date:

April 28, 2022

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blackbasta attacks ragle inc.


ragle inc.




newburgh, USA

indiana, USA

First Reported

April 28, 2022

Ransomware Attack on Ragle Inc.

Ransomware group Black Basta has claimed responsibility for an attack on Ragle Inc., a construction firm based in the United States. The attack was announced on the group's dark web leak site. Ragle Inc. operates in the construction sector and has been in business since 1993, focusing on highway and bridge construction, among other projects.

Company Overview

Ragle Inc. is known for its commitment to meeting contractual obligations and achieving economic results for its clients. The company has a team of highly experienced personnel who complete projects to the owner's satisfaction. Ragle Inc. also values worker safety and health, with a goal of providing a safe working environment for all employees and subcontractors.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

The construction sector is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals due to the sensitive information it manages, including shared project and trade secrets, financial information, and employee and healthcare data. These types of data are easily resold in dark markets or used for extortion purposes. Additionally, the nature of the industry makes it highly susceptible to operational disruption, material downtime, and costly project delays.

Impact and Response

The specific impact of the ransomware attack on Ragle Inc. is not detailed in the available information. However, it is known that the company's corporate and personnel data were dumped on the dark web after the attack. The attack on Ragle Inc. is part of a larger trend of ransomware attacks targeting various sectors, including healthcare, government, and education.

Mitigation Strategies

To protect against ransomware attacks, construction firms should implement robust cybersecurity measures, such as multi-signal detection and response, exposure management, and incident response services. These strategies can help strengthen a firm's cyber resilience and prevent business disruption.


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