blackbasta attacks Laiteries Reunies Societe cooperative

Incident Date:

April 26, 2022

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blackbasta attacks Laiteries Reunies Societe cooperative


Laiteries Reunies Societe cooperative




Chem. des Aulx, Switzerland

Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland

First Reported

April 26, 2022

Laiteries Réunies Societé Cooperative Targeted by Blackbasta Ransomware Group

About the Victim

Laiteries Réunies is one of the 11 dairy federations in Switzerland and is a cooperative based in Geneva, active both nationally and internationally. The company manages several subsidiaries involved in the production of dairy products, meat, trading, and logistics. With over 300 employees spread across different sites, Laiteries Réunies is committed to sustainable agriculture and offers innovative, healthy, and competitive products to consumers.

Vulnerabilities and Impact

The ransomware attack on Laiteries Réunies could have significant consequences, including data loss, downtime, and potential reputational damage. The company's vulnerabilities may have been exploited by the attackers, who used the Blackbasta ransomware, known for its use of Windows services to encrypt data.

Blackbasta Ransomware Group

Blackbasta is a ransomware group that has been active since at least 2022 and has been known to target various organizations worldwide. The group has been involved in several high-profile attacks, including those on the City of Augusta and YAMAHA CORPORATION OF AMERICA.

Mitigation Strategies

To mitigate the risks of ransomware attacks, organizations should implement robust cybersecurity measures, such as regular software updates, strong passwords, and employee training on cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, organizations should consider implementing a data backup and recovery plan to minimize the impact of a ransomware attack.

The attack on Laiteries Réunies Societé cooperative by the Blackbasta ransomware group highlights the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in the manufacturing sector. Organizations should be vigilant against cyber threats and implement appropriate security measures to protect their data and operations.


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