bianlian attacks captec-group limited

Incident Date:

August 30, 2022

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bianlian attacks captec-group limited


captec-group limited




Fareham, United Kingdom

Fareham PO SH, United Kingdom

First Reported

August 30, 2022

Captec Group Limited: A Target for Ransomware Attacks

Captec Group Limited, a professional computing solutions provider, has recently become a target of the ransomware group Bianlian, as disclosed on their dark web leak site. With over 35 years in the manufacturing sector, Captec Group specializes in creating computer systems that are tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

The company's website highlights their expertise in areas such as high-power computing, wireless electronics, and embedded software, all within the realm of rugged electro-mechanical system design. This expertise supports technology deployment in diverse environments. Captec Group offers a wide range of services including industrial and defense computing, embedded computing, integrated rack computing, tablets & panel PCs, and the design to manufacturing of electronics cabinets and enclosures. Additionally, they provide services in fabrication, assembly, BOM management, certification management, finishing, electronic design, electronic sub-systems, embedded software, and IoT device design.

While specific vulnerabilities that made Captec Group a target for ransomware attacks are not detailed, it is noteworthy that the company has not appeared on Black Basta's dark web leak site. This site is commonly used by ransomware groups to pressure companies into paying ransoms by threatening to publish stolen data.

The ransomware attack on Captec Group Limited underscores the persistent threat of cyberattacks within the manufacturing sector. It serves as a reminder for companies to maintain vigilance and invest in comprehensive cybersecurity measures to safeguard their sensitive data and operational integrity against potential threats.


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