alphv attacks Artic Building Services

Incident Date:

August 8, 2022

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alphv attacks Artic Building Services


Artic Building Services




16-17 Schooner Ct, United Kingdom

Dartford DA NW, United Kingdom

First Reported

August 8, 2022

Artic Building Services Suffers Ransomware Attack by ALPHV Group

Artic Building Services, a prominent provider of technical and engineering solutions in the construction industry, has fallen victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the ALPHV group. The incident was disclosed on the group's dark web leak site, though the exact date of the attack remains unspecified. Artic Building Services is renowned for its expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, and Hard FM Plant services, catering to high-end commercial, healthcare, and higher education sectors.

With operations across London and the Home Counties, Artic Building Services employs over 120 engineers. These professionals offer services on a static, semi-residential, or mobile basis, earning acclaim for their responsive service and proactive maintenance strategies. Such practices have notably decreased the need for reactive repairs and enhanced the lifespan of assets.

The Growing Threat of Ransomware Attacks

The cybersecurity landscape is witnessing an alarming rise in ransomware attacks, with ALPHV's attack on Artic Building Services being a recent example. According to Arctic Wolf, ransomware attacks constituted 48.6% of all cybersecurity incidents investigated in 2024. These attacks typically commence with the threat actor gaining network access through social engineering, exploiting vulnerabilities, or deploying malware. Subsequently, the attacker navigates through the network, accessing critical operational technology and valuable data.

Ransomware attacks pose a significant threat to organizations, often resulting in the encryption of the victim's data and a ransom demand for its release. In some instances, threat actors may also threaten to publicly release the data if the ransom is not paid. The financial impact of these attacks is substantial, with the average cost of a ransomware attack reaching $5.13 million in 2023.

As of now, Artic Building Services has not issued any public statements regarding the ransomware attack. The status of the ransom payment or the company's recovery efforts remains uncertain. While the company's website is still accessible, it is not clear if any data has been compromised or if the attack has impacted its services.

The ransomware attack on Artic Building Services underscores the escalating cybercrime threat within the construction sector. It is imperative for organizations to maintain vigilance and adopt comprehensive cybersecurity measures to mitigate the risk of such attacks.


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