alphv attacks Academy Mortgage

Incident Date:

May 14, 2023

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alphv attacks Academy Mortgage


Academy Mortgage




Draper, USA

Utah, USA

First Reported

May 14, 2023

ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Group Targets Academy Mortgage

The notorious ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group claims to have successfully breached Academy Mortgage. The gang claims to have stolen “personal data” from the mortgage provider. Academy Mortgage has not yet confirmed the attack. If they do, they must send data breach notifications to all affected individuals.

BlackCat's Claims

BlackCat first posted Academy Mortgage to their leak site on May 14th, claiming that “we have been in your network for a long time and have had time to study your business. In addition, we have stolen your confidential data and are ready to publish it. We have your customer/partner data, personal data, finances, confidential data, and so on.”

As BlackCat is threatening to leak the stolen information, Academy Mortgage likely has refused to pay the ransom.

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