Xenwerx Initiatives, LLC Targeted by Inc Ransom

Incident Date:

April 1, 2024

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Xenwerx Initiatives, LLC Targeted by Inc Ransom


Xenwerx Initiatives, LLC


Inc Ransom


Whitewright, USA

Texas, USA

First Reported

April 1, 2024

Xenwerx Initiatives, LLC Targeted by Inc Ransom Ransomware Group


Xenwerx Initiatives, LLC is a provider of design and implementation services for servers, desktops, and applications in the virtual environments sector. They offer secure online file repository services through Citrix ShareFile, allowing businesses to collaborate, encrypt email, and access virtual apps and desktops.

The company was targeted by the Inc Ransom ransomware group in 2024, along with Sisu Healthcare and Blueline Associates, indicating that Xenwerx Initiatives may have experienced a ransomware attack or data breach. The company's Twitter account, @xenwerx, is active, suggesting that the company is still operational.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

Inc Ransom is known for its sophisticated and adaptable methodology, targeting various industries with little discrimination, including healthcare, education, and government entities. The group's modus operandi involves a calculated approach, positioning itself as a service for victims rather than just a malicious entity.

The ransomware supports various command-line arguments, allowing threat actors flexibility in targeting specific files, directories, or even network shares. Inc Ransom's encryption methodology is meticulous and strategic, and the group employs various distribution methods, including phishing emails, malicious ads (malvertising), exploit kits, and remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Response and Mitigation

The ransomware Inc Ransom is a formidable adversary for cybersecurity services and IT teams alike, and its emergence in July 2023 marked a new level of sophistication in ransomware operations. Experts recommend proactive data security measures, such as regular backups, strong cybersecurity practices, and keeping software up to date.


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