vicesociety attacks Grupo Jaime Camara

Incident Date:

October 23, 2022

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vicesociety attacks Grupo Jaime Camara


Grupo Jaime Camara




Goiania, Brazil

, Brazil

First Reported

October 23, 2022

Hacker Attack Disrupts Operations at Grupo Jaime Câmara

A hacker attack made all systems that serve the vehicles of the Jaime Câmara communication group, such as television and radio stations, websites and printed newspapers, unavailable. Local TV news is being produced in a limited way, with few reports being shown, and even some radio stations are off the air. Internally, the technical problem is attributed to a ransomware attack — a type of malicious software commonly used for extortion.

According to exclusive information obtained by the TV Pop report, the hacker attack was an attempt to interrupt the operations of Grupo Jaime Camera's media outlets and takes place on the eve of coverage of the October 2 elections.

The criminals would have given a period of seven days for the media company to pay the amount of R$ 1 million or all data will be erased. Behind the scenes of the group that controls the Globo affiliate, the hope is that there is a backup with the data kidnapped by the hackers and operations are resumed as soon as possible.

Official Statement from Grupo Jaime Câmara

Check out the note published on the social networks of Grupo Jaime Câmara.

Grupo Jaime Câmara was the victim, this Sunday, of a criminal hacker attack that blocked access to the company's systems.

As a result of this attack, our customers and users may experience changes in the quality of our content or even total unavailability, as in the case of some radio stations or newspaper sites.

We reinforce that all customer and user data is protected by encryption and therefore there is no risk of leakage. The attack's damage is limited to restricting access to our systems.

Our teams are working intensively and without measuring efforts to ensure the continuity and full restoration of all services and products.

We count on your understanding. Let's go together!

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