Unknown attacks Organization Jaime Camera

Incident Date:

September 23, 2022

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Unknown attacks Organization Jaime Camera


Organization Jaime Camera




Setor Serrinha, Brazil

, Brazil

First Reported

September 23, 2022

Ransomware Attack on Grupo Jaime Câmara Disrupts Major Media Operations

An unknown threat actor has attacked Organization Jaime Camara. On 23rd September 2022, a ransomware attack targeted the servers and networks of Grupo Jaime Câmara, the controlling entity of Goiás' largest media network. This cyber-attack wreaked havoc on most of their operations, affecting prominent entities such as TV Anhanguera, an affiliate of Globo, the websites of O Popular and Daqui newspapers, and the CBN Goiânia radio station. Additionally, the Executive and Moov radio stations were also impacted. As a result, all these media outlets' websites are currently offline.

Users quickly became aware of the issue when they encountered error messages while trying to access the affected websites. The consequences of the attack were significant, leading to the suspension of transmissions for the Goiânia-based radio stations Executivo and Moov FM. Meanwhile, the TV broadcast was unable to transmit editions of the regional newspaper to the interior.

Impact on News Broadcast

The TVPop portal reported that during the statewide lunchtime news broadcast, presenter Lilian Lynch resorted to a stack of paper sheets, replacing her usual notebook, as a result of the attack's disruption.

Ransom Demand

Several publications have disclosed that the attackers demanded a ransom of approximately BRL 1 million in exchange for providing the decryption key to access the encrypted files.

Official Statement from Grupo Jaime Câmara

A statement from the organization reads: "The Jaime Câmara Group was the victim, this Sunday, of a criminal hacker attack that blocked access to the company's systems. As a result of this attack, our customers and users may notice changes in the quality of our content or even complete unavailability, as in the case of some radio stations or newspaper websites. We reinforce that all customer and user data is protected by encryption and, therefore, there is no risk of leakage. The attack's damage is limited to restricting access to our systems. Our teams are working hard and without measuring efforts to ensure the continuity and full restoration of all services and products. We count on your understanding. Let's go together!"

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