Unknown attacks Municipal Prefecture of Itapemirim

Incident Date:

July 13, 2022

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Unknown attacks Municipal Prefecture of Itapemirim


Municipal Prefecture of Itapemirim




Itaperimim, Brazil

, Brazil

First Reported

July 13, 2022

Cyber-Attacks on Municipal Prefectures in Brazil

Attack on the Municipal Prefecture of Itapemirim

An unknown threat actor has attacked the Municipal Prefecture of Itapemirim. A translated statement posted to the organization’s Facebook page reads: “The Municipal Prefecture of Itapemirim goes public to inform that the Municipality’s digital process system suffered, July 10th, a cyber-attack. The criminals left a message in English asking for ransom payment for the release of the system. Due to the invasion of hackers, some services are harmed. The city’s technical team is working to resolve the incident as quickly as possible. The competent bodies are being activated so that the responsible authorities take the appropriate measures.”

Attack on the Municipality of Alegre

A translated statement posted to the organization’s website reads: “Cyber-attack on the technological infrastructure of the Municipality of Alegre. The Municipality of Alegre informs that this weekend the servers suffered hacker attacks where a VIRUS known as RANSOMWARE was installed. After confirmation on this date (06/06/2022), the NTI (Information Technology Nucleus) team carried out measures to isolate the threat, where preliminary studies indicated that a large part of the data was affected, preventing access by users and sectors that use these systems. There is no information regarding data leaks so far. All City Hall services are unavailable indefinitely. A BU (Unified Bulletin) was opened for the responsible authorities to take the appropriate measures.”

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