Unknown attacks Ativy Digital

Incident Date:

August 22, 2022

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Unknown attacks Ativy Digital


Ativy Digital




Setor Serrinha, Brazil

, Brazil

First Reported

August 22, 2022

An unknown threat actor has attacked Ativy Digital

Ativy Digital, the cloud computing division of Ativy, released a statement to Security Report on June 6th, highlighting the measures taken following a ransomware incident that occurred yesterday morning (05). Although a small portion of customers was affected, there was no data breach. According to the company, access for certain users was limited for security reasons, resulting in intermittent services. The restoration process is currently underway, and the team is working diligently to fully restore the environments. It is expected that the restoration operations will be completed by the end of today (6), as explained in the statement.

Bruno Giordano, CISO of Ativy Digital, assures control over the situation

Bruno Giordano, CISO of Ativy Digital, assured that the attack is now fully under control and emphasized the opportunity to strengthen resilience. He stated, "We will continue working to enhance our defenses, anticipate intrusions, and swiftly block threats to ensure data integrity."

Partnership with Trend Micro

In addition, Ativy Digital has partnered with Trend Micro, a globally recognized cybersecurity analysis firm, to conduct further investigations into the incident. Their objective is to develop an effective malware vaccine, considering that this particular variant is relatively new and has had limited occurrences of infection worldwide.

Security Report's full statement

Security Report's full statement reads: "On Monday morning, the 5th, Ativy Digital, Ativy's cloud computing division, reported an incident involving a new variant of ransomware. Containment measures were immediately taken, and there was no data leak. The attack impacted a small portion of customers. For security reasons, the access of some users was limited, which caused intermittent disruption in the provision of services. The environment is being gradually restored, and the team is working hard to fully restore them. The expectation is that the restore operations will be completed by the end of today (June 6th). In partnership with Trend Micro, a global reference in cybersecurity analysis, Ativy Digital continues to investigate the characteristics of ransomware. The goal is to develop an effective vaccine against malware, which is still relatively new and has few occurrences of infection in the world. "The attack, now fully controlled, is an opportunity to strengthen our resilience. We will continue working to improve defenses, anticipate intrusions and act quickly to block threats, ensuring data integrity. Committed to transparency and respecting the privacy of all customers, Ativy Digital maintains a recurring flow of information and makes itself available for clarification. Updates will be released as needed."

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