The Vulnerabilities and Tactics Behind the Ransomware Attack on TRC Talent Solutions

Incident Date:

May 6, 2024

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The Vulnerabilities and Tactics Behind the Ransomware Attack on TRC Talent Solutions


TRC Talent Solutions


Black Suit


Windsor, USA

Connecticut, USA

First Reported

May 6, 2024

Ransomware Attack on TRC Talent Solutions by BlackSuit Group

Company Profile

TRC Talent Solutions, established in 1980, is a prominent talent solutions provider based in Atlanta, GA. With a workforce of 51-200 employees, TRC operates extensively in the business consulting services sector. The company specializes in a variety of staffing and recruitment services including Traditional Staffing, Direct Hire, and Managed Services Provider (MSP) solutions. Known for its comprehensive service offerings and deep industry expertise, TRC Talent Solutions has positioned itself as a significant player in the talent management field.

Details of the Ransomware Attack

The BlackSuit ransomware group, a new but potent cyber threat actor linked to the notorious Royal ransomware group, has claimed responsibility for a ransomware attack on TRC Talent Solutions. The attack was announced on the group's dark web leak site, where they typically post proof of their breaches and ransom demands. BlackSuit ransomware is known for targeting both Windows and Linux systems, including critical infrastructure like VMware ESXi servers, which could suggest potential vectors used in the attack on TRC.

Vulnerabilities and Potential Attack Vectors

Given the nature of TRC Talent Solutions' business, which involves significant data handling and processing, the company is inherently at risk of cyber-attacks. The integration of various IT systems for talent management and financial services could provide multiple entry points for cybercriminals. The use of VMware ESXi servers, a known target for BlackSuit, might have been a critical factor in the breach. The sophistication of BlackSuit's ransomware, which shows high similarity to Royal ransomware, indicates that the attack could have involved advanced tactics such as spear phishing, exploitation of software vulnerabilities, or compromised credentials.


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