The Cybersecurity Breach at Consilux Tecnologia: Insights into the Akira Ransomware Attack

Incident Date:

April 9, 2024

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The Cybersecurity Breach at Consilux Tecnologia: Insights into the Akira Ransomware Attack


Consilux Tecnologia




Curitiba, Brazil

, Brazil

First Reported

April 9, 2024

Cyberattack on Consilux Tecnologia: Targeted by Akira Ransomware


Recently, a cyberattack struck Consilux Tecnologia, a Brazil-based company specializing in Architecture and Planning, orchestrated by a cybercriminal known as Akira. The attack involved the deployment of ransomware, though the specific ransom demand remains undisclosed. Approximately 40 GB of sensitive data, including employee personal documents, projects, agreements, client information, and NDAs, was exfiltrated during the breach.

Company Overview

This company distinguishes itself in the industry through its technology-driven solutions for architecture and planning projects. Its innovative design approach positions it as a key player.

In the Energy, Utilities & Waste sector, Consilux Tecnologia has a workforce ranging from 201-500 employees, with 95 listed on their LinkedIn profile.


Potential weaknesses in cybersecurity defenses, such as inadequate network security measures and lack of employee training on phishing awareness, make Consilux Tecnologia susceptible to attacks by threat actors like the Akira ransomware group. Moreover, vulnerabilities in their VPN infrastructure and the use of automation tools on their website could have contributed to the breach.


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