Ransomware Attack on Continuing Healthcare Solutions: A Threat to Patient Data

Incident Date:

April 20, 2024

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Ransomware Attack on Continuing Healthcare Solutions: A Threat to Patient Data


Continuing Healthcare Solutions


Inc Ransom


Middleburg Heights, USA

Ohio, USA

First Reported

April 20, 2024

Ransomware Attack on Continuing Healthcare Solutions by INC Ransom

Company Profile

Continuing Healthcare Solutions, founded in 2013 and based in Cleveland, Ohio, operates a network of over 33 communities providing a spectrum of senior living services. These include assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, long-term care, respite care, and Alzheimer's care. The organization secured a significant financial boost in 2019 with a $43.3 million term loan and line of credit from Oxford Finance, aimed at acquiring and providing working capital for eight long-term care facilities in Ohio.

Attack Overview

The ransomware group INC Ransom, known for its sophisticated cyberattacks, has claimed responsibility for a ransomware attack on Continuing Healthcare Solutions.

The data theft and withholding in this attack reportedly includes sensitive patient information, which was demonstrated through a sample leak posted by the attackers. This type of data is particularly sensitive given its personal and confidential nature, increasing the pressure on the healthcare provider to resolve the situation swiftly to protect its patients and reputation.

Vulnerabilities and Target Profile

The company's relatively small size and the high value of the data it handles make it an attractive target for ransomware attacks. Healthcare entities like Continuing Healthcare Solutions are often seen as lucrative targets due to the critical nature of their services and the sensitivity of the data they hold, which includes health records and personal information of patients.


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