quantum attacks Shred Station

Incident Date:

June 14, 2022

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quantum attacks Shred Station


Shred Station




Rackheath, United Kingdom

Norwich, United Kingdom

First Reported

June 14, 2022

Quantum Ransomware Attacks Shred Station: A Look at the UK's Leading Independent Data Destruction Service Provider

Company Overview

Shred Station is a UK-based company that provides a range of services, including paper shredding, hard drive and digital media destruction, and destruction of unwanted products. They offer both mobile on-site and off-site confidential waste disposal services, ensuring full UK coverage with depots in Norwich, London, and Manchester. The company is committed to recycling 100% of the paper and recycling everything they can for other materials, with non-recyclables sent to Energy from Waste.

Industry Standards and Accreditations

Shred Station maintains the highest standards of security and ensures that all their services meet the latest UK Data Protection Law and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This commitment to security and compliance is a testament to their dedication to protecting their clients' confidential information.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

Despite their robust security measures, Shred Station has been targeted by the Quantum ransomware group. This attack highlights the ever-present threat of cyber attacks in the digital age, even for companies that prioritize security and compliance. The specific vulnerabilities that led to this attack are not detailed, but it is clear that no organization is immune to cyber threats.

The Quantum ransomware attack on Shred Station serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity measures in today's digital landscape. Despite their commitment to security and compliance, Shred Station has been targeted, underscoring the need for continuous vigilance and adaptation in the face of evolving cyber threats.


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