quantum attacks Liftow LTD

Incident Date:

August 4, 2022

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quantum attacks Liftow LTD


Liftow LTD




Mississauga, Canada

Ontario, Canada

First Reported

August 4, 2022

Quantum Ransomware Attacks Liftow Ltd.

Liftow Ltd., a Toyota forklift dealer, has been targeted by the ransomware group Quantum. The attack was announced on the group's dark web leak site, and the victim's website is Liftow operates in the Business Services sector and is known for its commitment to eco-responsibility and the electrification revolution, as well as its focus on customer service and quality products.

Company Overview

Liftow has been a leader in material handling since 1960, offering forklift rental, parts, and service. The company is deeply associated with Toyota, providing genuine parts that fit and certified quality and reliability. Liftow's customer testimonials highlight the company's excellent service, knowledgeable employees, and top-notch equipment.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

The specific vulnerabilities that led to Liftow's targeting by Quantum are not detailed in the search results. However, ransomware attacks often exploit weaknesses in software, hardware, or network security. In the case of Liftow, it is possible that the attackers found a vulnerability in the company's systems or used social engineering tactics to gain access.

Industry Impact

Ransomware attacks on businesses worldwide have become increasingly common, with many organizations experiencing personal data breaches. Liftow's attack is part of a larger trend of cybercriminal activities that aim to disrupt businesses and demand ransom payments.

Response and Mitigation

The search results do not provide information on Liftow's response to the attack or any mitigation strategies they have employed. It is recommended that businesses take proactive measures to protect themselves from ransomware attacks, such as regularly updating software, implementing strong passwords, and conducting employee training on cybersecurity best practices.


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