Mallox attacks Ashley Furniture

Incident Date:

July 1, 2023

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Mallox attacks Ashley Furniture


Ashley Furniture




Arcadia, USA


First Reported

July 1, 2023

The Mallox Ransomware Gang's Attack on Ashley Furniture

The Mallox ransomware gang has attacked Ashley. Ashley is a furniture retailer headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. Mallox posted Ashley to its data leak site on July 1st, claiming to have stolen 44.7GB of data. However, the ransomware group has not disclosed any further details.

Background of Mallox

Industry analysts first detected Mallox in June 2021. The group was initially dubbed "TargetCompany" because it appended encrypted files with the target company's name. In an interview conducted in January 2023, the threat actors responsible for Mallox clarified that each major update of the ransomware involved changing the encryption algorithm and decryptor characteristics. These updates were accompanied by modifications to file name extensions, leading to the evolution of the group's names.

Evolution of Mallox Ransomware

Earlier variants of Mallox provided a contact site with the extension ".onion" for negotiations and delivered ransom notes titled "How to decrypt files.txt." However, the ransomware stopped using the targeted company's name as file name extensions in later variants. During mid- to late 2022, the group was referred to as Fargo due to the extension added to its encrypted files at that time. Additional extensions employed by the ransomware group included ".mallox" and ".xollam." These later variants were observed utilizing a combination of Chacha20, Curve 25519, and AES-128 algorithms for file encryption.

Establishment of the Mallox Data Leak Site

Eventually, the ransomware group established a data leak site called Mallox, and subsequent variants dropped ransom notes labeled "HOW TO RECOVER!!.txt."

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