lockbit3 attacks Agenzia entrate

Incident Date:

July 25, 2022

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lockbit3 attacks Agenzia entrate


Agenzia entrate




Via della Moscova, Italy

Milano, Italy

First Reported

July 25, 2022

LockBit 3 Claims Ransomware Attack on Agenzia delle Entrate

Company Profile

Agenzia delle Entrate plays a pivotal role in the Italian government's financial administration, overseeing tax-related activities. The agency's website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering insights into tax declarations, welfare, phishing prevention, and providing tools for professionals, intermediaries, and software modeling.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

The LockBit 3 ransomware group's attack on Agenzia delle Entrate underscores the persistent cyber threats facing government entities and financial institutions. By claiming to have exfiltrated 100 GB of sensitive data, including internal documents and financial information, LockBit 3 has highlighted the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity measures within such organizations. This incident is part of a larger pattern of cyber assaults on Italian governmental and financial structures, emphasizing the strategic targeting by ransomware groups.

Investigations and Response

In response to the alleged ransomware attack, Italian authorities, spearheaded by Sogei SpA, are conducting thorough investigations. Sogei SpA, a key technological partner for the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has refuted claims of a breach within the financial administration's IT infrastructure. Concurrently, Agenzia delle Entrate, in collaboration with Italy's National Cybersecurity Agency and the Postal Police, is actively participating in the investigation to ascertain the veracity of the ransomware group's claims.


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