lockbit2 attacks Walzer Ingrid Bestattung

Incident Date:

June 5, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks Walzer Ingrid Bestattung


Walzer Ingrid Bestattung




Prager, Austria

Sierndorf, Austria

First Reported

June 5, 2022

Ransomware Attack on Bestattung Walzer

Company Overview

Bestattung Walzer is a professional funeral service provider located in Niederösterreich, Austria. They offer a comprehensive suite of services for funeral arrangements, including but not limited to, modern, traditional, and alternative ceremonies. Their offerings encompass transportation, embalming, funeral and burial services, alongside the selection of caskets and urns, floral arrangements, memorials, and grave maintenance. This wide range of services is designed to provide compassionate care and support to families during their time of loss, catering to diverse cultural and personal preferences for a respectful and meaningful farewell.

Industry Standing

In the consumer services sector, Bestattung Walzer is distinguished by its extensive array of funeral services and its dedication to delivering compassionate care to bereaved families. Their longstanding experience in the funeral service industry positions them to accommodate a variety of cultural and personal preferences, ensuring a dignified and significant commemoration for the deceased.


The precise vulnerabilities that facilitated the Lockbit 2 ransomware attack on Bestattung Walzer have not been explicitly identified. Ransomware attacks typically exploit software vulnerabilities, outdated systems, or human errors, such as susceptibility to phishing emails or the use of weak passwords. The exact method—whether a software flaw, a phishing scheme, or another tactic—used to compromise Bestattung Walzer's systems remains unspecified.

The ransomware attack on Bestattung Walzer underscores the persistent threat of cybercrime to businesses across all sectors and sizes. The incident notably illustrates that the funeral service industry, which is not commonly associated with high-profile cyber threats, is also vulnerable to such risks. It emphasizes the importance for all organizations to implement strong cybersecurity practices and remain vigilant against potential cyber threats.


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