lockbit2 attacks scoular

Incident Date:

April 5, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks scoular






Omaha, USA

Nebreska, USA

First Reported

April 5, 2022

Scoular, a Leading Agriculture Supply Chain Solutions Provider, Suffers Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Scoular, boasting over a century of experience in the agriculture industry, stands as a testament to innovative thinking and problem-solving in the supply chain sector. As a company of employee-owners, Scoular is committed to integrity and curiosity, driving what's possible for their customers and their businesses. Their agricultural supply chain solutions are at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for agribusiness customers and suppliers globally.

Vulnerabilities and Impact

The ransomware attack on Scoular by the Lockbit2 group is indicative of a growing trend where cybercriminals target the food and agriculture sector. The FBI has highlighted an increase in such attacks, which can severely disrupt operations, lead to financial losses, and compromise the food supply chain. Scoular's network system vulnerabilities may have been exploited in this attack, potentially resulting in the loss of proprietary and personally identifiable information, alongside substantial financial repercussions from ransom demands, productivity loss, and remediation efforts.

Mitigating Ransomware Attacks

To counter the threat of ransomware, entities within the food and agriculture sector are advised to adopt comprehensive cybersecurity measures. These include regular data backups, network segmentation, and prompt application of software updates and patches. Additionally, the use of strong passwords and multifactor authentication can significantly enhance security postures against such cyber threats.


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