lockbit2 attacks medinadairy

Incident Date:

March 16, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks medinadairy






Tonge Bridge Way, United Kingdom

Bolton, United Kingdom

First Reported

March 16, 2022

Medina Dairy Targeted by Lockbit2 Ransomware Group

Company Overview

Medina Dairy operates within the Agriculture sector. The specific details regarding the size of the company and its niche within the sector remain unspecified.

Industry Standout

There is a lack of available information regarding Medina Dairy's distinctive qualities or achievements in the Agriculture sector.


The exact vulnerabilities that facilitated the Lockbit2 ransomware group's attack on Medina Dairy are not disclosed. Nonetheless, the compromise of the company's website signals a security flaw that was successfully exploited by the attackers.

The Lockbit2 ransomware group has publicly acknowledged orchestrating an attack on Medina Dairy, underscoring a breach in the company's cybersecurity defenses. Despite the absence of detailed information about the company's size, its role within the Agriculture sector, and the specific vulnerabilities exploited, the incident highlights the ongoing threat of ransomware attacks across various industries.


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