lockbit2 attacks greenexperts.

Incident Date:

April 3, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks greenexperts.






Nice, France

Nice, France

First Reported

April 3, 2022

GreenExperts.co Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

GreenExperts.co, a company operating within the Media & Internet sector, recently fell victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the Lockbit2 group. Despite the company's strong online presence, indicated by its domain name being up for sale at $1,450 with an offer expiration set for April 30, 2024, there is a lack of detailed information regarding its size, industry achievements, or specific vulnerabilities that might have led to the cyber attack.

Industry and Achievements

The Media & Internet sector's heavy reliance on digital technologies and online platforms inherently increases its risk of cyber attacks. Unfortunately, GreenExperts.co's website does not shed light on the company's achievements or its contributions to the sector, leaving a gap in understanding its significance within the industry.


The absence of detailed company information makes it challenging to pinpoint the exact vulnerabilities that Lockbit2 exploited in their ransomware attack on GreenExperts.co. Nonetheless, the Media & Internet sector's notoriety for being targeted by cybercriminals, due to the valuable data and significant online presence of its entities, suggests that these aspects could have played a role in making GreenExperts.co an attractive target.

The ransomware attack on GreenExperts.co underscores the persistent cyber threats facing the Media & Internet sector. Although the company's website hints at a robust online presence, a deeper dive into its operations, achievements, and security measures is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the attack's implications and the vulnerabilities at play.


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