lockbit2 attacks Digital Card Corporation

Incident Date:

May 1, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks Digital Card Corporation


Digital Card Corporation




Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

First Reported

May 1, 2022

Digital Card Corporation Suffers Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Digital Card Corporation, a Swiss entity, is recognized for its innovative approach in the finance sector through its digital postcard services. The company promotes a Premium membership at a cost of CHF 20.- (EUR 20.-) annually, offering a range of benefits to its subscribers.

Industry Standout

The firm distinguishes itself within the finance industry by providing a unique service—digital postcards. This offering is notably distinct from the conventional services provided by other companies in the sector.


While the exact vulnerabilities exploited in the ransomware attack on Digital Card Corporation remain undisclosed, it is widely acknowledged that ransomware groups like Lockbit2 leverage weaknesses such as unpatched software, insufficiently strong credentials, or social engineering to infiltrate systems.

Ransomware Group

Lockbit2, the ransomware group claiming responsibility for this attack, is notorious for its advanced encryption methods and assertive strategies. Active since at least November 2021, Lockbit2 has executed numerous attacks across different sectors, including finance.

Mitigation Strategies

To counter the threat of ransomware, organizations are advised to adopt comprehensive cybersecurity practices. These include strengthening endpoint security, enhancing defenses against lateral movements, restricting or eliminating cached credentials on endpoints, and adhering to NIST guidelines for password management and rotation, especially for privileged accounts. The implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA), segregation of admin accounts, regular security assessments, a solid incident response framework, and ongoing employee training on social engineering are critical for minimizing vulnerabilities and mitigating the impact of potential attacks.


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