lockbit2 attacks connectcec

Incident Date:

March 20, 2022

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lockbit2 attacks connectcec






Oklahoma City, USA

Oklahoma, USA

First Reported

March 20, 2022

Lockbit2 Ransomware Attack on Connectcec

Company Overview

Connectcec is a multi-service engineering firm dedicated to the motto "Get Stuff Built Right®". The company offers a broad spectrum of services including engineering, geospatial, inspection, testing, and more. They are committed to fostering collaboration and ensuring client satisfaction from the initial concept to the final construction phase. Additionally, Connectcec is noted for its employee-led Corporate Giving Program, underscoring its commitment to community and culture.

Industry Standout

What sets Connectcec apart in the Business Services sector is their comprehensive service offering, covering every phase of a project. This holistic approach, combined with a strong emphasis on building relationships and collaborative processes, ensures that clients receive exceptional care and involvement throughout their projects.


While the specific vulnerabilities exploited in the Lockbit2 attack on Connectcec have not been disclosed, it is common knowledge that ransomware groups like Lockbit2 typically leverage software vulnerabilities, outdated systems, or human errors such as phishing to orchestrate their attacks.

Ransomware Group

Lockbit2, the ransomware group claiming responsibility for the attack on Connectcec, is notorious for its involvement in numerous cyber incidents and data breaches across the globe. This group targets a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to insurance, transportation, and healthcare, demonstrating their broad reach and capability to compromise various organizations.

The incident involving Connectcec underscores the persistent cyber threats facing businesses today, especially those within the Business Services sector. It emphasizes the importance of adopting comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to safeguard against such threats and mitigate potential impacts.


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