Knight attacks Dirox Digital Solutions

Incident Date:

February 1, 2024

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Knight attacks Dirox Digital Solutions


Dirox Digital Solutions




Hoh Chi Mihn, Vietnam

, Vietnam

First Reported

February 1, 2024

Ransomware Attack on Dirox Digital Solutions

Ransomware group Knight has stolen 50GB of data, including confidential banking data, client information, and invoices, from the Vietnamese offices software outsourcing company, Dirox Digital Solutions. The ransom deadline is set for 5th February 2024. Dirox is a French company with offices in the United States, France, Vietnam, Japan, and Canada.

Knight: A RaaS Platform Emergence

Knight is a RaaS platform that emerged in early summer of 2023 as a rebrand of the Cyclops ransomware operations that preceded it. As part of their operation, they continue to recruit affiliates through the RAMP hacking forum to enhance their ability to steal data from both Windows and Linux systems.

The Knight Ransomware Operation

In addition to their regular encryptors, the Knight ransomware operation offers a 'lite' version suitable for spam, spray-and-pray, and batch distribution campaigns. The Knight ransomware gang employs an HTML attachment labeled 'TripAdvisor-Complaint-[random].PDF.htm,' which redirects users to a deceptive web browser interface impersonating TripAdvisor. Within this simulated browser window, users are prompted to review a restaurant complaint, but it is, in fact, a ruse. When users click on the 'Read Complaint' button, an Excel file titled 'TripAdvisor_Complaint-Possible-Suspension.xll' is downloaded onto their system. This download subsequently triggers the activation of ransomware.

Encryption and Ransom Demand

The Knight Lite ransomware encryptor, injected into a new explorer.exe process, is utilized to encrypt files on targeted computers. Following encryption, the encrypted files' names are appended with the '.knight_1' extension, where '1' indicates the lite version. Subsequently, the ransomware generates a ransom note in each folder on the compromised computer, demanding a payment of $5,000 to be sent to a provided Bitcoin address.

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