kelvinsecurity attacks Channel Navigator-Crunchbase

Incident Date:

May 13, 2022

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kelvinsecurity attacks Channel Navigator-Crunchbase


Channel Navigator-Crunchbase




Chicago, USA

Illinois, USA

First Reported

May 13, 2022

Channel Navigator-Crunchbase Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Channel Navigator-Crunchbase operates within the Business Services sector, offering a comprehensive suite of services to its clientele. While the company's website highlights its mission, core values, and service offerings, it lacks detailed insights into its operational scale or the specifics of its services.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

Ransomware groups frequently exploit weaknesses in cybersecurity defenses or outdated software to launch their attacks. Kelvinsecurity, the ransomware group behind this particular incident, has taken responsibility for compromising Channel Navigator-Crunchbase. However, the specifics regarding the exploited vulnerabilities or the attack methodology remain undisclosed.

Industry Standout

As a provider in the business services domain, Channel Navigator-Crunchbase aims to enhance the operational efficiency of other companies. Despite the absence of detailed information on its unique selling propositions, the company emphasizes its dedication to fostering business growth and success.

The ransomware assault on Channel Navigator-Crunchbase underscores the omnipresent threat of cyberattacks across all business sectors and sizes. Although the precise vulnerabilities leveraged in this incident are yet to be identified, the sophistication of the threat actor involved is evident. It is imperative for organizations to adopt a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, which includes conducting regular vulnerability assessments, applying patches in a timely manner, and implementing continuous monitoring, to safeguard their data and that of their customers.


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