hiveleak attacks Jan Marini Skin Research

Incident Date:

September 26, 2022

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hiveleak attacks Jan Marini Skin Research


Jan Marini Skin Research




Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

First Reported

September 26, 2022

Jan Marini Skin Research Suffers Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Jan Marini Skin Research, a prominent entity in the skincare product domain, offers an extensive array of solutions aimed at mitigating various skin concerns. Their portfolio spans cleansers, toners, serums, creams, and sunscreens, among other products. The company leverages customer testimonials and before-and-after imagery on its website to demonstrate the efficacy of its offerings.

Company Size and Industry Standout

Operating as a mid-sized entity within the skincare industry, Jan Marini Skin Research distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive product range specifically designed to address distinct skin issues. Furthermore, the company enhances its market position by disseminating detailed insights regarding the ingredients and advantages of each product. Their website also serves as a resource for educational content on skincare and skin health, thereby reinforcing their authority in the sector.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

Ransomware collectives frequently prey on organizations with subpar cybersecurity defenses. Jan Marini Skin Research's susceptibility to such threats may stem from inadequate security protocols. HiveLeak, the ransomware faction implicated in this incident, is notorious for capitalizing on flaws in obsolete software and systems lacking timely updates. It is imperative for enterprises to consistently refine their software and fortify their cybersecurity frameworks to fend off such adversarial actions.

In essence, Jan Marini Skin Research has fallen victim to a ransomware onslaught orchestrated by HiveLeak, as disclosed on the latter's dark web leak platform. The firm, a key player in the Consumer Services arena renowned for its skincare product lineup, likely attracted the attention of HiveLeak due to potential gaps in its cybersecurity posture. This incident underscores the critical need for robust security measures within the skincare industry and beyond.


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