hiveleak attacks Guts Superpols Co., Ltd.

Incident Date:

February 25, 2022

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hiveleak attacks Guts Superpols Co., Ltd.


Guts Superpols Co., Ltd.




Watthana, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

First Reported

February 25, 2022

Guts Superpols Co., Ltd. Suffers Ransomware Attack by Hiveleak Group

Company Overview

Guts Superpols Co., Ltd., a prominent entity in the Business Services sector, specializes in providing comprehensive security services. These services encompass personal security, customer account management, dispatching staff, and security guards. The company prides itself on its unwavering commitment to customer service, delivering a suite of security solutions designed to safeguard clients' assets and personnel.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

The exact vulnerabilities exploited in the attack on Guts Superpols Co., Ltd. remain undisclosed. Nonetheless, it is widely recognized that ransomware groups like Hiveleak typically leverage weaknesses such as unpatched software, inadequate password policies, and insecure remote access points to infiltrate target systems.

Impact and Response

The ransomware attack has significantly impacted Guts Superpols Co., Ltd., manifesting in data encryption, the potential for data loss, and the likelihood of financial repercussions stemming from operational downtime and recovery expenses. The company is faced with the dilemma of either restoring data from backups or acquiescing to the ransom demands to reclaim access to their compromised systems.

Mitigation Strategies

To effectively counter the threat of ransomware attacks, organizations are advised to adopt a comprehensive, multi-faceted security approach. This strategy should encompass the regular updating of software, the enforcement of robust password policies, the provision of employee training on cybersecurity best practices, and the establishment of thorough backup and recovery procedures.


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